Individual Workout - WB & T2B & OHS

Mike Porter

The next workout for all individuals(Open, FB, Masters) is:

WB & T2B & OHS:

For time (12:00 time cap) do 3 rounds of:

  • 25 Wall Balls(20#/14)
  • 20 Toes 2 Bars (Masters will do Knees to Elbows)
  • 15 Overhead Squats

Weights for OHS:

  • Mens Firebreather #135
  • Mens Open #110
  • Masters Mens #95
  • Women Firebreather #95
  • Women Open #75
  • Masters Women #65


  • All athletes will use a 10 ft ball target height.
Can those of us in the Masters Division choose to do TTB instead of KTE since KTE is the modification?

Athlete Waivers

Mike Porter

Two important notes about the athlete waivers.

  • Minors must have your parents sign this waiver. Download it and bring it to the event if your parents will not be on hand.
  • All athletes must sign a waiver.  Including all team members.

Will will have waivers to sign at the event, but if you like you may download it here and speed up your day of event registration process.


Individual Workout - Sled Hill

Mike Porter

The next workout for Open Men, Open Women, Masters Men and Masters Women (Not firebreathers or teams) will be:

Sled Hill

For time: 

  • Pull sled 100 feet
  • Run 2 laps with sandbags up kite hill.
  • Pull sled 100 feet

Sandbag weights are:

  • Open Men: 30#
  • Open Woman: 20#
  • Masters Men: 30#
  • Masters Women: 20#


  • The sled will be weighted. 
Greg. I did not post the weights cause it could be misleading, as the sleds are micro sleds and have high friction. But Open Men - 90#. Open Women 80$. MM will be 80# and MW will be 70#. Its hard, but completely doable.
Do we know what the weight of the sled will be yet?

Heads Up - Possible Workout Change - Team Pace Horse

Mike Porter

Heads up... the team pace horse workout(thrusters - pullups) may be getting revamped... I have talked with lots of people who are concerned it was too easy to "game" or "manipulate". So... this is just a heads up... to prepare for the unexpected.

Team Workout - DU & G2O Progression

Mike Porter

The next team workout announed will be:

DU & Ground to Overhead Progression.

Divide the team into two pairs of MM & WW.

Each pair does 8:00 AMRAP of 40 DU & 10 Ground to Overhead(anyway) w/ ascending weight. The final score is the sum of both pairs amrap.   Within each pair you can divide the workload anyway you like. You can change workloads at anypoint. IE: 1 man can do all the DU and the other man can do all the C&J. 

The G2O progression will be:

  • Men - 135# - 195# progressing by 10# each round
  • Women - 95# - 155# progressing by 10# each round
Specifics of the weiContinue Reading

Day of Event Information

Mike Porter

August 4th is just around the corner, so I thought I would post a little information about what to expect on the day of the event.

Registration will open at 7:00 AM.  You will need to sign our waiver, get your number, t-shirt and swag bag.  The athlete meeting will be at 8:00.  This will be your chance to ask any questions about the event and the workouts.  The first workouts start at 8:30  with FB Hillen, and Open & Masters OHS & DU Couplet. From that point, the workouts will be fast and furious. We will post a detailed Heat Schedule later this week with YOUR exact times.  ThContinue Reading

Individual Workouts - 1 Rep Max Snatch

Mike Porter

1 Rep Max Snatch.

For all individual athletes (all FB, all Open, all Masters).

Each athlete will have 5 minutes to establish their 1 rep max snatch.   They will have a dedicated station, with a dedicated pile of weights.  All athletes must load their own weights.


  • In the snatch, the barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion without stopping at the shoulders.
  • You can use snatch, a power snatch, a squat snatch or a split snatch. 
  • A clean and jerk is not permitted. No touching of any body part(shoulders) is permitted.
  • Collars must be used.
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    Individual Workout - DU & MB OHS

    Mike Porter

    Individual Workout Double Unders and Medicine ball Overhead Squats.  This workout is for Mens Open, Womens Open, Masters Men and Masters Women. Firebreather Men and Firebreather Women will NOT do this workout.

    5 Minute AMRAP of:

    • 30 Double Unders
    • 30 Medicine Ball Overhead Squats - 20# M/14# W


    • Every rep counts
    • Medicine ball must be held above head for reps to count.  If the ball comes in contact with any part of your body(head) the rep will not count.

    Team Workout - Hill Run

    Mike Porter

    Team Hill Run

    Start with 100 KB swings divided amongst your team however you like.  You will have one 1.5 pood and one 1 pood KB. One athlete working out at a time.

    Once 100 KB swings are done you may begin to move the piles of equipment up and over the hill and back to the start/finish line.

    Time stops when all the equipment is back at the finish and all the athletes are at the start.


  • Equipment will be 300# of sandbags plus a few heavy awkward objects.
  • You may NOT run backwards on the course to retrieve deposited weights. You must always run the course in a counContinue Reading

    HILLen - FB Mens and FB Womens Workout 1

    Mike Porter

    The first workout for the Firebreather Men and Firebreather Women will be HILLen, a WODFest twist on a classic benchmark.


    Within an 18 minute time cap do 3 rounds:

    • Sandbag Hill Run up Kite Hill.  Men with 30# bags Women with 20# bags.
    • 21 KB Swings. 1.5 pood for men & 1 pood for women 
    • 12 Pull-ups (chin over bar)


  • YES, this is brutal. This year the FB divisions will be only doing 3 workouts plus the final vs in years gone by with 4 plus the final.  We have collapsed two short wods into one epic monster.
  • This is time capped, so unfinished reps get aContinue Reading
    Congratulations Tali on your 1st place!!! We are so proud of you and wished we could have been there. We love you, mom xoxo

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